Beyond The Poseidon Adventure - video artwork
Beyond The Poseidon Adventure

Beyond The Poseidon Adventure

WEV 1103
Released on Warner Home Video.

Capsized by a freak wave, the passenger liner "Poseidon" floats upside-down in the Atlantic Ocean. Salvage tug skipper Mike Turner comes on the scene with his partner Wilbur Hubbard and a passenger, Celeste Whitman, on board, while an ostensible medical team led by Stefano Svevo arrives in a yacht. Entering the "Poseidon" through a hole cut by the coastguard, they find three survivors; Frank Mazzetti, separated from his daughter in the disaster; Gina Rowe, the ship's nurse; and Suzanne Constantine, who appears to recognise Svevo. Turner is intent on plundering the purser's safe, which he has guessed must contain a fortune in jewels and cash, while Svevo, in reality an illicit arms dealer, is after a missile and other weapons stored in the ship's hold. The two groups take different routes through the ship, Turner picking up other survivors on the way. Realising that only he and Wilbur can lead the survivors to safety, Turner steadily abandons his loot, and after he learns the truth about Svevo from Suzanne, there is a violent confrontation between the two parties.
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