Crypt of the Living Dead - video artwork
Crypt of the Living DeadCrypt of the Living Dead

Crypt of the Living Dead

Released on Intervision.
Small Box - Rental Tape

On his crusade to the Holy Land during the Twelfth Century, King Louis VII buried his beautiful bride, Hannah, alive in the secret caves of Vampire Island. Now, 700 years later. Professor Bolton discovers her burial site but is crushed to death beneath her crumbling tomb. Bolton's son, Chris (ANDREW PRINE) arrives to raise the tomb and meets the Professor's assistant. Peter (MARK DAMON). The fear-stricken islanders refuse to help as they are terrified by Hannah's legend which says she will change into a wolf, suck blood and be transformed into a vampire again. Peter's sister Mary (PATTY SHEPPARD) warns him not to meddle with the tomb. A dog and a sailor are found dead, their bodies sucked dry of blood. Horrified, Mary watches her brother perform a service at a devil's altar dedicated to reincarnate Hannah. Peter is wounded when Chris intervenes in a knife fight, but now Hannah is loose and seeks fresh victims. Peter's wish is to be united with Hannah, who finally sucks his blood. The villagers drive a stake through Peter's heart Chris finds the rampaging Hannah, sets her alight and she falls over a cfff. Not yet dead, her beauty crumbles as she ages 700 years. Chris drives his stake through Hannah's heart, hoping to free the island of vampires forever.
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