Don't Go in the House - video artwork
Don't Go in the HouseDon't Go in the HouseDon't Go in the House

Don't Go in the House

AV 007
Released on Arcade Video.

Donny Kohler is sick. Very sick. He was cruelly abused as a child by his mother. He is 27 years old now and his mother is dead. Her death changes him - a long-dormant psychosis is brought to life. He methodically prepares his revenge. His first victim is a beautiful young girl. He burns her alive in a metal room he has built for vengeance. He cannot stop killing once he's committed this first gruesome murder. He keeps the horribly charred corpses in the house with him, dressed in mother's finest gowns. He shares his feelings and thoughts with them in a way he never could with living people, but suddenly a form of conscience begins causing him nightmares and hallucinations. Donny Kohler is lost in the terror of his own life... and the final revenge comes from his victims.
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