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End of the WorldEnd of the WorldEnd of the World

End of the World

Released on Intervision.
Small Box - Rental Tape

THERE IS EVERYTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO... EXCEPT TOMORROW A lone priest, Father Pergado (CHRISTOPHER LEE) retreats to a convent where he is greeted by his look-alike, Zindar (CHRISTOPHER LEE), knowing that herein lies his prison and his eventual destruction. Meanwhile, Andrew Boran (KIRK SCOTT), an eminent physicist, and his wife, Sylvia (SUE LYON), have detected a series of signals from outer space which actually predict a series of natural disasters. Ignoring his superior, Collins (DEAN JAGGER), Andrew and Sylvia discover a station on Earth which is receiving and sending the messages. Deciding to unravel the mystery alone, their search leads them to a lonely United States Government tracking post headed by Beckerman (LEW AYRES) - and the sinister convent. St. Catherine's is run by Father Pergado and some kindly nuns, but Sylvia suspects something eerie. She and Andrew discover that Zindar and the nuns are aliens from another planet. They wish to return to their planet through a timewall, but are stranded on Earth unable to gain their re-entry pattern. They need the highly guarded variance crystal perfected by Andrew to correct the return circuit. They hold Sylvia as hostage and force Andrew to break into the plant and remove the crystal. Zindar's powers help Andrew, but not without the sacrifice of his close friend Davis (MACDONALD CAREY). Andrew's final mission is successful, returning with the crystal. The final truth is revealed as the 'nuns' cross the timewall back to their planet. The couple learn that the aliens intended to destroy the contaminated Earth and its man-made diseases in order to save millions of other planets. Zindar asks Andrew and Sylvia to follow him through the timewall, as they watch various parts of the globe disintegrate before their horrified eyes. In a last minute decision, they agree to escape through the timewall into an unknown which can mean survival and a new beginning of life.
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