Frozen Scream - video artwork
Frozen ScreamFrozen Scream

Frozen Scream

A-AE 0433
Released on Home Video Productions.
Small Box - Rental Tape

A hooded figure carrying a bloody corpse approaches a mansion. Impatiently waiting by the telephone, Tom Gerrard jumps when it rings; it is his wife, Ann, calling from the road. His anxiety is very evident and he tries to remain calm on the telephone. Immediately after hanging up with Ann he again tries to call Father O'Brien, the only person to whom he can reveal his secret. The telephone lines are cut and Tom gets ready to face his doom. He slowly approaches the door with a revolver in his hand, he knows what to expect. Minutes later when Ann arrives home she finds him dead. Lil has assigned Catherine to be her nurse. The next day Ann goes to talk to Lil at the University where she is teaching. She overhears her lecture, it is on immortality: she flashes back. Kevin startles her out of her thoughts, and as a friend of hers and Tom, makes himself available to help her find what actually happened to Tom over the past year and why it ended that way. Returning home, Ann sees a vision of Tom in the mirror, turning around, only to find Catherine there. During the night there are noises in the house, frightened Ann gets up to see what they are. She sees a hooded figure, is attacked with a knife to her throat and told not to interfere with what has to take place. The attacker's hand is very cold. At a Halloween party that same evening, given by Lil and Sven for their students, Ann manages to get away in order to inspect the house, her finding I s startling. In a refrigerated room of the mansion, she finds three comatosed beings. One is Tom. Frightened she runs out of the room and finds Kevin also in the house. The secret is out. Sven instructs his zombies to kill them. Ann is brought to the laboratory and is given the choice of joining in Lil and Svens' research in cryogenics or becoming as Tom and their other experiments. Sven sensing the strength in Ann's character opts for the operation. Lil has confidence in Ann, but Ann has not forgotten seeing Tom as he is. There is a struggle and Sven is left dead. Ann manages to hit the power switches and the laboratory burns. That evening Ann, Ill and Father O'Brien pay a final visit to Kevin in his hospital room. It is Kevin's last visit... Thantos... Anthonatos... Death... Immortality....
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