Invaders from Mars - video artwork
Invaders from MarsInvaders from Mars

Invaders from Mars

Released on Intervision.
Small Box - Rental Tape

Mankind's Oldest Fear Comes to Life! Murderous Martian Creatures from Out of Space! David MacLean (JIMMY HUNT) is a 12-year-old American boy whose hobby is astronomy in this spinechilling sci-fi drama. One night he sees a spaceship disappearing underground in a field near his house. His father, engaged in secret missile work at a nearby plant, investigates. A strange change overtakes him and a small scar is visible on his neck. Soon David's mother also comes under this contaminating influence. When a neighbour's young daughter meets a similar fate near where the spaceship landed, David fears for his parents' safety. No one believes David's fantastic story, but Dr. Pat Blake (HELENA CARTER), a physician with the city health department, takes him to meet Dr. Stuart Kelston (ARTHUR FRANZ), an astronomer. Together they alert the U.S. Army when they discover evidence of an Outer Space plot to destroy the earth. Pat and David are captured by weird humanoid creatures from an underground spaceship where their macabre leader, encased in a glass globe, directs his horrific eight-feet-tall giants from the war planet Mars. They are immune to bullets, but David gets control of a ray-gun and blasts his way to freedom seconds before a demolition charge blows up the spaceship which presents a terrifying threat to all mankind.
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