Monstroid - video artwork


A-AE 0369
Released on Intervision.
Slipcase - Rental Tape

THIS FILM IS A RE-ENACTMENT OF FOUR DAYS OF TERROR THAT ROCKED THE SMALL VILLAGE OF CHIMAYO, COLUMBIA. "MONSTROID" terrorises. It lurks beneath the surface awaiting its victims. "MONSTROID"...buried in the mud of countless centuries. Now it has suddenly awakened from its slumber. Something has caused it to stir and reactivate it vociferous appetite for human flesh. "MONSTROID"...At last something has begun to grow - and grow...and grow! Since before time began it has been waiting...waiting...waiting. For "MONSTROID" the time is ripe to become known and make its presence felt to a terrified world! Monster films have always provided a staple diet for sci-fi addicts, and "MONSTROID" offers something new and horrifyingly different in the way of terror - as you have never experienced it before! You'll want to cry out as "MONSTROID" rises from the deep to engulf you in its unknown power! "MONSTROID" stars Jim Mitchum, John Carradine, Phil Carey, Adrea Hartford and Tony Eisley. A mixture of veteran horror stars with today's exciting newcomers makes "MONSTROID" an experience you'll never forget! "MONSTROID" will make you bite your nails in suspense...the hands go clammy with fear...and that silent scream will die in your throat. You'll never know the meaning or real fear until you've seen "MONSTROID" - a terror film like no other. Written, produced and directed by Ken Hartford, you'll be glad that "MONSTROID" is only a movie!
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