Superman II - video artwork
Superman IISuperman IISuperman II

Superman II

PEV 61120
Released on Warner Home Video.
Big Box - Rental Tape

THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES.... When terrorists plant an H-bomb on top of the Eiffel Tower, it is snatched by Superman and hurled into space. It explodes in outer space, releasing rebel General Zod and cohorts Ursa and Non from their captivity in a fragment of Kryptonite. Having being banished for their treachery against Jor-El they now plot revenge on Superman, son of Jor-El. On their way to earth they destroy a combined Soviet American space crew on the moon. Unaffected by the bullets of National Guardsmen the evil trio arrive in Washington, humiliating the President and forcing him to acknowledge Zod's mastery. Arch villain Lex Luthor offers his services to Zod. Meanwhile Lois Lane has discovered Clark Kent's real identity. Superman wants to marry her, even though by the laws of Krypton this would require the surrender of his superhuman powers. The city of Metropolis is now being terrorised and the President sends an urgent call to Superman. However Superman deaf to his mother's pleas, has stepped into the force field that humanises him..... © Film Export A.G.
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