Terrahawks 1 - Expect the Unexpected - video artwork
Terrahawks 1 - Expect the Unexpected

Terrahawks 1 - Expect the Unexpected

BABPV 2630
Released on Precision.
Small Box - Rental Tape

The alien mechadroid Zelda attacks Earth after destroying the NASA base on Mars,and demonstrates her control over matter in taking Dr. Ninestein as a hostage aboard her craft. In spite of his own position he gives the order for Terrahawks to open fire upon the craft. But Zelda's control over matter reverses her own, and Ninestein's destruction when her craft is destroyed, and Ninestein finds himself back with Terrahawks. Treacherously touting peace, Zelda is allowed to return to Earth and cunningly traps Ninestein and Mary in a force field from which there is no escape. But Zelda is unaware of Sergeant Major Zero's extraordinary powers, so that increasing his mass he is able to disperse the force field and free his master. Zelda however, has more treacherous tricks up her tatty sleeve and sends the sinster Sram to Earth, but he is intercepted and shot down by Kate and Hawkeye. The wounded Sram is traced to a cave by Ninestein where Sram's reverberating roar causes the mountain side to crumble and entomb Ninestein with Sram. Once more Zero comes to the rescue and again Zelda is thwarted. But Zelda will keep trying until she destroys the Terrahawks and once again her extraordinary powers are projected through journalist Mark Darrel, who, under the influence, attempts to ram Battlehawk with the futuristic and gigantic Overlander, a Terrahawk supply vehicle. When this mission fails and he is locked in a cell in the underground complex of the Terrahawk base, he escapes, having been given supernatural strength by Zelda. He then finds the magazine and prepares to destroy the base in one huge explosion. But will he succeed? © Anderson Burr Pictures Ltd/ LWT.
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