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The ExterminatorThe Exterminator

The Exterminator

Released on Alpha Video.
Slipcase - Rental Tape

If you're lying, I'll be back... John Eastman and his friend Michael Jefferson survive the hell of the Vietnam war, with Jefferson barely saving Eastman's life under heavy enemy fire. But the hell doesn't end when they return to the Bronx. Jefferson is brutally attack and has his neck broken when saving Eastman from a gang of thugs. Eastman swears revenge on the gang responsible - "The Ghetto Ghouls" - whose murders he commits with unthinkable brutality. While the public see him as a hero, the police regard his as a one-man vigilante force and a possible psychopathic killer to be dealt with accordingly. James Dalton is assigned to track him down and strikes up a friendship with a woman called Megan, who unknown, to either is the doctor entrusted with the care of Jefferson, Eastman's friend. Their romance grows as does Eastman's revenge for unsolved crimes, and this relationship gives Dalton the lead for which he has been looking. In the meantime the CIA has entered the case with instructions to eliminate THE EXTERMINATOR. Fortunately for THE EXTERMINATOR, Dalton catches up with him first, only to be surprised by Eastman's willingness to give himself up. At that moment, shots ring out, catching both men in the chest. One shot sends Eastman off the waterfront 200 feet into the water. The other catches Dalton in the same manner, killing him instantly. The CIA have no survivors, or so they think.
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